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Working on a story?


Got an idea you've been kicking around forever, and it won’t seem to take shape?


Always wanted to break into writing but don’t know where to begin? 


Consider this class a boot camp for the short story writer.


In four weeks, Jon Gingerich, author of some of LitReactor's most popular columns on craft, and an accomplished writer of short stories, will teach you how to write compelling, original short fiction (with skills applicable to longer works of fiction, too).

The class offers a "sleeves-up" approach that places an emphasis on technique, craft, and an intimate, multi-tiered revision process with the instructor. It respects your voice and vision, while prepping it for publication.


Complete with weekly lectures to help students develop their storytelling skills, this class is perfect for beginning to intermediate fiction writers ready to practice and master all the basics of craft in a supportive yet critical environment.


Interested? Read more and sign up here!