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BOOKSHOTS: The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

The Heavens Rise - Christopher Rice



The Heavens Rise


Who wrote it? 


Christopher Rice, New York Times Bestselling author of A Density of Souls and Light Before Day. Also, Anne Rice’s son.


Plot in a Box: 


Scientific/supernatural thriller surrounding the disappearance of the Delongpre family and Marshall Ferriot, a sadistic degenerate with mind control abilities. 


Invent a new title for this book


X-Men: Port of Call: New Orleans


Read this if you liked: 


Anything by Jeffrey Deaver, anything by Dean Koontz (but particularly Midnight), and, though Rice apparently hates the horror distinction, just about anything by Stephen King.


Meet the book’s lead: 


Though technically an ensemble piece, the clear protagonist is Ben, a dry-witted investigative journalist who helps solve the mystery.


Said lead would be portrayed in a movie by:


I could see Jay Baruchel doing a bang-up job, as he could manage the seriocomic nature of the part.


Setting: Would you want to live there?


Absolutely. The Heavens Rise is a love-letter to New Orleans. Rice points out some of the city’s biggest problems, but he also depicts it as the greatest place on earth, a landscape populated by “stately oak trees,” lush greenery, and fascinating people; a city still thriving all these years after Hurricane Katrina; a city that will not lie down and die. 


What wasyour favorite sentence? 


Marshall tapped the side of his head with one finger and smiled broadly, and that’s when Danny realized there was something in the kid’s head, something that defied everything Danny had believed to be true about the world, something that had covered his office in blood while it thrust Danny into some corner of darkness inside himself.


The Verdict: 


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