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BOOKSHOTS: Hello MaryJane

The Marijuana Chronicles - Jonathan Santlofer



The Marijuana Chronicles 


Who wrote it?


Edited by best-selling crime novelist and artist Jonathan Santlofer


Plot in a Box:


A themed anthology about the good ole whacky tabaccy.


Invent a new title for this book:


The I Can't Believe It's The 21st Century and This Shit is Still (Mostly) Illegal Chronicles


Read this if you liked:


The Cocaine Chronicles edited By Jervey Tervalon and Gary Phillips, Claire DeWitt and The City of the Dead by Sara Gran (I was actually a little surprised Gran wasn't in this collection. But then again, there weren't that many West Coast writers, which is a minor kerfuffle  I'll address a little bit down the line),Piggyback by Tom Pitts.


Meet the book’s lead:


A big old NOT APPLICABLE on this one, gang. It's an anthology, so there's too many characters and stories to narrow down a “Lead”.


Said lead would be portrayed in a movie by:


Same as above.


Setting: Would you want to live there?


The stories take place all over the world, so, yes to some, no to others.


What Was Your Favorite Sentence?


When I got loosely acclimated to marijuana, I realized it just put me to sleep and I was more interested in climbing the walls. I gave up the ganja.

- “Cannibal Sativa” By Dean Haspiel


The Verdict:


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