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BOOKSHOTS: Bradley Cooper as Danny Torrance?

Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

Who Wrote It?:


Stephen King, one of the most prolific authors ever, and the reigning king of horror.


Plot in a Box:


Danny Torrance, the little boy from The Shining (REDRUM! REDRUM!), grows up. A little girl, Abra Stone (ABRA CADABRA!), has the shining as well, and is being hunted by a pack of psychic vampires called the True Knot, who want to take her life essence, called “steam,” so they can persevere.


Invent a New Title For This Book:


Energivores or Rose the Hat.


Read This If You Liked:


Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice, The Shining and/or Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, and Swan Song by Robert McCammon.


Meet the Book’s Leads:


Danny is an adult now, having struggled with alcoholism, and works in a hospice where his ability to help people in their final moments has earned him the label “Doctor Sleep.” Abra is a sweet girl with extraordinary abilities. Rose the Hat is their enemy, a powerful creature with dark intentions, and a small army of followers at her disposal.


Said Leads Would Be Portrayed In a Movie By:


Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook) as Danny Torrance; Chloe Grace Moretz (30 Rock and the new Carrie) as Abra Stone; Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club) as Rose the Hat.


Setting: Would You Want to Live There?


The New Hampshire setting is peaceful and scenic, but because of the True Knot? Not so much.


What was your favorite sentence?


As he watched the Rockies grow closer, Dan thought of all the wandering years he had avoided them. That in turn made him think of some poem or another, one about how you could spend years running, but in the end you always wound up facing yourself in a hotel with a naked bulb hanging overhead and a revolver on the table.


The Verdict:


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