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Twelve Unpublished Novels We Wish We Could Read

Article by Josh Chaplinksy


"Starting in 2015, fans of J.D. Salinger will be treated to a treasure trove of previously unreleased work, including new stories about the Glass family and a sequel to The Catcher in the Rye. In the wake of exploding heads prompted by that announcement, I got to thinkin': What other famous authors have work that's never seen the light of publication? Work their fans would kill to get their ink-stained mitts on, regardless of quality? That thinkin' got me to researchin', and it turns out numerous Holy Grails exist. Unfinished manuscripts and unrealized ideas taken to the grave; completed work deemed unfit for publication, whether by the author or publishing at large; material lost to time or destroyed in a fit of rage/self-pity/doubt. Mayhaps one day they will surface, emerging from the depths like Salinger's work did. It's even possible they could be works of genius (although another twelve volume sleeping pill a la Tolkien's History of Middle Earth is far more likely). But until that day arrives, they remain part of the 12 Unpublished Novels We Wish We Could Read."


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